For me coaching means a way to facilitate another’s person’s growth. As a life coach, I believe in building trust by offering a non-judgmental, transparent and emotionally safe environment, understanding the human psyche, creating a partnership with my client and empowering each individual to find the strength within in order to create what they want. I bring an “inside out” approach to life coaching which encompasses relooking at one’s beliefs, questioning assumptions in order to achieve the desired change and live the life one wants. My firm belief is that each individual has immense power within himself/ herself. One just needs to feel one’s way into harnessing it in order to allow what is desired. I believe in self-empowerment.

My background in psychology makes it easier for me to appreciate structure and psychological research and at the same time, I also understand the value of depth and “being in the flow”. My life coaching approach draws on my background of psychology (education as well as work experience in human resources, learning and development and life coaching) and blends it with spirituality. I believe that for change to be tempting and sustainable, it has to make sense to one’s mind as well as touch one’s heart. Blending Psychology with spirituality helps in this. It brings tremendous clarity, assurance and knowing, which further facilitate the intended change. For me, spirituality is very simple – connecting with your inner being and there are ways to do that. Once a person is connected to his/her inner self, life is easy. Any action offered from a place of “connection” is so much more full, complete and whole. I believe in the law of attraction and have benefitted immensely from this knowing to manifest the life I want. It is worthwhile to mention here that out of all the daily practices I have as part of my life as well as part of the life coaching process I follow, the practice of daily meditation has contributed a lot. There are many ways to practice meditation and over the years, the ones I have incorporated in my own practice have enriched it in more ways than one. Meditation is part of the life coaching process I follow with my clients as the direct knowledge which it brings honors the unique and beautiful journey each one of us has and this makes it extremely self-empowering. Meditation is a practice which connects one to the answers, the clarity, the power within.

I’m a certified meditation teacher and I also offer in-depth meditation sessions to groups and individuals.

I am so happy when I meet someone who wants to live life to its full potential, who wants to “show up” in life. It’s so inspiring to observe the sheer joy in people when they realize the endless possibilities which have opened up for them to allow, when they see their inner potential in a new way and when they start removing the patterns and beliefs which have stopped them from manifesting what they want.

Each and every choice that I have taken in my life has pointed out to my becoming a life coach. All the experiences in my life, all the decisions, all the steps I have taken – all seem to be getting me ready to be ready as each one of them have added to my learning in life and what I bring to the table as a coach. It was natural and inevitable for me to be a Life Coach. Facilitating growth is my purpose in life both for my clients as well as for myself. It’s my path, my passion and my calling in life.

Human Behavior has always fascinated me. Questions on what, why and how we think, our emotions, feelings, dreams, behaviors, actions etc. have always been a priority for me. So much so that I thoroughly enjoyed majoring in Psychology during my under-graduation from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India.

I started my career in 1998 after completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (equivalent to a Masters in Business Administration) from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, India. In the same year, I also finished my Masters in Labor Laws and Labor Welfare from Pune University, India. My passion for Training, Learning and Change Management led me to complete my Diploma in Training and Development from The Indian Society for Training and Development, Delhi. I am also a certified meditation teacher. I completed my meditation teacher certification from Aura Wellness Center, MA, United States. I realized through my own experience as well as the experience in the training workshops I led as well as the clients coached that meditation has tremendous value in self-empowerment. It honors the unique and beautiful journey each one of us has and connects the meditator directly to the insights within. This prompted within me a strong impulse to spread its power. I offer guided meditation sessions for groups and individuals. Though meditation does form part of my life coaching process, these guided meditation sessions focus purely on meditation and are more in-depth.

I have worked in the software industry with companies like SQL Star International and Newgen Software Technologies Limited; in the retail industry with GAP and lastly in the professional services industry with Heidrick and Struggles. This gave me a multi-industry exposure. Initially, I did assignments in the overall Human Resources function but slowly moved into training and development per se. My stint at Heidrick and Struggles saw me being responsible for the training function at their Knowledge and Management center. This, broadly, involved tasks like devising a training strategy keeping the organizational goals as well as the individual goals in mind, training needs analysis, customizing programs, leading them and lastly reviewing them against set objectives. Some of the areas that I led workshops for were Leadership and People Management, Communication and Interpersonal skills, Planning and Organizing skills, Team Building, Project Management and Stress Management.

With the aim of addressing to the need for customized and effective training, I left Heidrick and Struggles to start my own learning and development venture, Habits Consulting. My belief in using a hands-on approach in the workshops helped in balancing concepts with practical examples. The factors that I would attribute to my success in training and development are the ability to empathize, the drive to continuously research and update programs, to match training objectives and outcomes while reviewing the training and last but certainly not the least, a passion for training.

Armed with a background in Psychology and the experience gained over ten years of work in Human Resource Development across different industries and work environments, I progressed on to Life Coaching. I believe that the work I have done in Human Resources, particularly in Learning and Development, has helped me develop a deep understanding of human behavior and is an asset while coaching a person. I have also turned all that I have felt and learnt from life itself into a strength, which has allowed me to move further and deliberately, consciously and consistently create and allow the life I want. This strength and the way (the how-to) to allow is something that I share in and bring to the coaching process, which, in turn, benefits the client to consciously, predominantly and consistently allow the life experiences they want. I am having so much fun allowing the life that I want and being able to share it with those who are ready and willing adds to the fun I am having in my life. Seeing my clients deliberately manifest the results they want after they start coaching both at a vibrational level as well as at a physical reality level feels awesome.

On a personal note, I appreciate the wonderful relationships I have with the people in my life but if I were to choose the most profound one, then it has been the relationship I have had with a close relative, whose love and acceptance was extremely important to me. The challenges faced in this particular relationship have led to a huge metamorphosis in me. The ups and the downs spread over ten years have made me realize the power which emotional suffering and pain can have over us and also made me see the power we can have over ourselves, in rising above our pain without becoming cynical and defensive but rather seeing it as a learning opportunity. After a lot of introspection, refocusing my perspective in order to feel what I want to feel on this topic, practicing feeling good, I have not only made peace with the situation in my heart but also see the value it had in my growth and expansion in life to the beautiful place I am in now. In the process, I have learnt so much about life and about myself, my inner strength.

The biggest contributor to my coaching ability is the passion I have for facilitating people in their quest for living the lives they want. It feels awesome to provide effective coaching which benefits people who undertake it, enabling them to live the lives they have the desire and potential for. A win-win situation – for me as well as for the client.

In my life, as I started feeling better and practicing my vibrational muscle every day, I started feeling positive emotions (or in the vicinity of them) predominantly and consistently. From this place of strength, I felt inspired to continue my practices like regular yoga and meditation, choosing appreciation and thankfulness every day throughout the day, being kind to myself when I found myself in a place of negative emotion (as I am human and its okay. Knowing the value of negative emotion in the process of creation, of growth and expansion helps to feel ease about it), choosing food from this place of strength (and therefore, the kind of food my body cells want in order to thrive even more), making it a point to indulge in activities which interest me, knowing when to introduce distraction from negative feeling thoughts in order to feel ease and when to acknowledge thoughts and feelings with an acceptance based focus and letting go as well as when to use the process of pivoting for them, introspecting and allowing all that I want consciously, deliberating and predominantly and choosing happiness as a priority in life. In short, I have simplified my life. Yes, introducing change was initially difficult but when the choice was between “change” and “rock bottom health”, I decided to choose change.

For me, the journey has been from going to a place wherein I was in pain and suffering with all that had happened in a decade of my life to a place wherein I felt appreciation for everything that had happened as I could see the bigger picture (and hence the value of the pain) as well as my own contribution to what had happened (not blame but truly and with love accepting my contribution towards my life via my beautiful, predominant and consistent vibrations rather than pointing fingers at others) to further reaching the place where I am as of now, consciously and joyously allowing the life I want by flowing the energy that creates worlds and flows to me and through me (not just to and through me but to and through each one of us) to flow towards all that I want. All the introspection, questioning, letting go and allowing, practicing has led me to a place of predominant and consistent clarity, ease, happiness, alignment, freedom, appreciation and trust. A place where I am connected to my worthiness and empowerment, predominantly and consistently.

I am not saying that challenges do not occur as of now or that I don’t have knee jerk reactions to these challenges but I am able to recognize the negative feelings much earlier and change the way I am focused on that situation in order to feel better and then allow what I want from that place of feeling good. In fact, in a number of situations, I can see how its unfolding and instead of feeling negative emotion, I start looking forward to the growth coming out of that situation as I have seen the entire process in so many manifestations, I now know the value of seeing something unwanted which leads to giving birth to desires (or amending earlier desires) and then allowing those desires to manifest. It’s an eternal journey and knowing this helps me in feeling ease and savoring life situations more. As I have been pre-paving my life, the negative emotion moments have reduced as I have been building/practicing my feel-good muscle everyday (i.e. pre-paving) and when they do occur, it’s easier for me to refocus or pivot in a way which feels better. I feel free and empowered.

I again want to emphasize that it is of value also to be kind and gentle with ourselves when we become aware that we are having a negative feeling moment as we are all human and this helps in feeling ease while practicing feel-good thoughts every day throughout the day. Even for people who feel ecstasy on a rather regular basis choosing positive feeling thoughts is a choice that they practice moment to moment, thought to thought on an everyday basis. The good news is that as you go along practicing, it gets easier to choose thoughts which help in maintaining a positive momentum, predominantly and consistently (not always but predominantly and consistently). The better it gets, the better it gets. The easier it gets, the easier it gets.

Now I know that firstly, I always have a choice on how I want to feel and secondly, since I now know the way to easily and effectively allow all that I want in all its glory is through positive feeling thoughts, I care about how I feel. The law of attraction states –

“like attracts like” i.e. what you are feeling attracts more to feel the same. I have seen in my own life, in the lives of my clients and in the lives of others whose stories I have heard or read about that when one is feeling positive emotion predominantly and consistently, one attracts even more positive feeling experiences in life. It’s not that anyone is punishing you for thinking negative thoughts – far from it, the universe loves and adores you always but the way the law of attraction works is by bringing thoughts (which further attract experiences) of the same frequency/vibration/feeling together (remember “like attracts like”?). We use our understanding and knowledge of the law of gravity to make our lives easier. We can do the same with our understanding of the law of attraction.

When I take the time out to reconnect to positive feeling thoughts and then look at a challenge (or rather an invitation to refocus) from this place of feeling good, calm and at ease, the action I feel like offering is not just plain action, its action inspired from a good feeling place/a place of strength/a place which is a match to the solution rather than the problem. I am aware of the problem but not so caught up in it that I can’t see the solution. The problem is important as it gives birth to the solution but when one can be aware of the problem from the periphery and then look at the solutions coming out, one can allow not just solutions but master solutions.

The ideas and impulses which come from a good feeling place are different from the ideas and impulses which come from a negative feeling place – the action you feel like offering when in a place of despair is different as compared the action which you feel like offering when in anger which again is different from the action you feel like offering from a place of hope which again is different from the action you feel inspired to offer from a place of love and appreciation. The action is important but more important is the vibrational place from where one feels like offering it. My action is so much more when it is from a place of feeling ease (and therefore, a vibrational match to the solution) than from a place of tension, worry, anger etc. One can think of a solution from a place of worry or tension but it will be a mediocre one as compared to the master solution one can allow when thinking positive feeling thoughts and therefore being a match to the master solutions.

Yes, it is a practice and that is the work for all of us including me. As I said, as you go along practicing, it does get easier as firstly your ability to focus improves and this ability develops spontaneously. Secondly, the manifestations which come along help you further in maintaining your good feeling place predominantly and consistently.

It’s been an awesome journey from making this choice for change to where I am now and where I am now makes me feel it was all so worth it. This is not to say that someone who may not have had much pain (from other people’s perspective) cannot introduce change. He can and so can someone who has been through pain. That choice as per one’s readiness can be chosen as we all always have a choice.

The knowledge and understanding I have now helps me in being a match to all that life has helped inspire within me easily. I now know the value of negative emotion in one’s growth and look at it differently as compared to earlier. If I don’t expand beyond where I have been before that expansion, the journey will so much limited. If you know that you have to swim (i.e. you are alive in this world and both happiness and pain are part of human emotions), it’s of tremendous value to learn swimming (i.e. how to use the emotional guidance within and one’s focus to feel what one wants to feel and thereby, manifest the life experiences one wants, predominantly and consistently). Through the processes I follow and facilitate, the most valuable out of them being meditation, I know the power and choice each one of us has to think and feel what we want to feel. Knowing the “how-to” of the process of creation is extremely self-empowering and it is so much fun being able to share it with those who are ready for it.

I feel empowered and inspired to live life from a place of being aligned to my inner potential, to the clarity within, predominantly and consistently and this gives me the immense joy.