What is Coaching?

Coaching is defined as the process of allowing where you want to be in the future from where you are presently. It consists of devising a customized plan to bridge the gap between the two states – present and the vision you have for yourself so that you can easily and effectively manifest what you want. A coach is someone who collaborates with you to really understand as to what is important to you and enables you to take charge of your life. The process is essentially a dialogue in which the coach listens, asks questions, paraphrases, sensitively gives you unbiased feedback, helps you focus on your goals/dreams as per your readiness, encourages you along your journey to becoming what you truly want to become, what you hold the potential for. Questions related to what’s holding you back from reaching your vision, what are your strengths and opportunities which you can leverage etc. help in the allowing process. Coaching concentrates on what you are willing to do, think and feel in order to manifest what you want in life.

How does Coaching help you?

Coaching could help you in:

  • Ascertaining “how to” consciously create the life you want and feeling empowered to allow living your desires.
  • Connecting to the power within you.
  • Tasting true freedom and feeling strong & inspired to sustain it, predominantly and consistently.
  • Being proactive in life rather than reactive.
  • Consciously and consistently creating what earlier seemed like serendipity.
  • Creating your life the way you want which may seem like magic to others who may not know the process of allowing as you do.
  • Inspired action towards challenges faced in life – in any area whether it be health, relationships, abundance, purpose, work or any other.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Actualizing your potential.
  • Finding the way to be in the “flow” of creation, what athletes refer to – “being in the zone”.
  • Strengthening you emotionally and physically.
  • Seeing value in the seemingly “unpleasant” experiences in life in order to use that indicator of negative emotion to start and pivot to a better feeling place and thereby, allow the desires which you have given birth to because of that seemingly negative feeling experience.
  • Accepting and loving yourself.
  • Feeling uplifted, secure, free, confident and joyful.
  • Allowing the ever-increasing infinite abundance of clarity in your life, as per your readiness.
  • Finding out what you can do to get even more joy in life whether it be by attracting abundance, possessing great health, having nurturing relationships and in any other way.
  • Discovering what values govern you, what beliefs drive you and using this information to change a particular belief which is non-nurturing, if you feel ready to do so.
  • Getting to know yourself better; what you truly want out of life; what could actually be holding you back; what are your strengths and weakness; what could bring you closer to what you want in your life.
  • New perspectives.
  • Becoming more productive and empowered.
  • Being part of a collaborative and equal relationship in which trust is built by offering a non-judgmental, transparent and emotionally safe environment; a relationship which is caring and effective.

How can a coach help you better as compared to if you worked alone?

  • It’s easy to get swept away in the routine of life, away from your goals. A life coach helps you stay focused.
  • With a coach, there is always an advantage of having an unbiased, non-judgmental viewpoint from a person who wants you to achieve your goals. Someone who has no ulterior motive rather wants to see you reconnect to your power and manifest your goals as easily and effectively as you would want to.
  • Along with the coach, you can achieve what you want in an easy and effective way.
  • It can be more fun to have someone along with you, someone who makes the effort to understand you, listens to you, supports you and encourages you.

In what situations can you benefit from coaching?

Coaching can be beneficial if:

  • You are already doing exactly what you want to do in life and now want to do it either better or move on to doing more.
  • You are going through a difficult time in life and would like to know how to handle it better.
  • You are standing at a crossroads in life and would like to not only make a decision which is the best possible but also be prepared for it.
  • You feel that you have worked extremely hard but still can’t see the results and would like to find ways to help you not only see results but also sustain them.

Almost any situation can benefit from coaching as long as one is committed to the coaching process. Coaching’s success depends a lot on the client’s willingness to try new approaches and actively participate in the process. It must though be borne in mind that like any other change process involving human feelings, emotions and aspirations, coaching may involve visiting parts of your life which may bring up emotions like distress, anger and frustration. The endeavor in the life coaching process that I follow is to visit these parts only when the client feels ready to do so and, in a way, which is most easy for the client as that adds to the effectiveness of the coaching.

What Coaching is not?

Coaching does not offer advice and believes that people are capable of finding their own answers. So, typically a coach would not be saying, “Let me tell you what to do” or “I want you to do this.” but would rather ask, “What would you like to do about this challenge?”.

  • Coaching is focused on the client whereas advice tends to center on the values and views of the advisor. In this respect, a coach is definitely not an advisor. The coach may share some approaches, methods and techniques with the intention of sowing the seeds of the change desired by the client but essentially the coach’s role is to help others reconnect to their own inner guidance and thereby, find their own solutions from that place of strength (rather than lack) and not follow someone else’s directions or recommendations.
  • The coach would not be the one who would work on issues, the running around would be done by the client
  • Coaching is not counseling. Coaching does focus on unbiased, non-judgmental, compassionate listening and sensitively given feedback and it may visit past experiences to understand their effects but the endeavor is always to be future oriented and proactive. Counseling is more therapeutic and focuses on how we got to where we are now whereas Coaching may not spend a lot of time on the past (until and unless there is value in focusing on the past) but rather on where we can go to from where we are. When focusing on the past, Coaching helps in creating awareness about past issues in order to allow the desires which came out of the past and thereby, allowing the desires to manifest in one’s life.
  • Life Coaching is not a therapy or medical treatment. It is not an alternative to professional psychological counseling or any other form of medical process or service. Clients are advised to view life-coaching as a facilitation of one’s growth not amounting to healing problems or issues that require medical intervention or services of psychotherapists or other professional counselors.
  • If undergoing any medical therapy or treatment, clients are advised to check with the mental health professional before undertaking the life coaching sessions. The client must share his/her medical history related to any mental health treatment before the start of life-coaching sessions with the coach.
  • Life coaching is not a replacement for any advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals. It is the responsibility of clients to reach out to such professionals, if any such guidance or professional services are needed. The client acknowledges that all the decisions and actions taken with regard to the Life Coaching sessions are solely his/ her responsibility.