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Addicted to negative thoughts

woman thinking - Kyle Broad

“Are you addicted to negative thoughts?

Your belief in suffering…

It is sort of like an addiction….

You know what an addiction is:

An addiction is introducing something into your systems that your body acclimates to. And it acclimates to it so well that then, when you don’t give it to your body, your body craves it. And there are thought addictions, too, that are the same things. It’s just that the habit of thought is so strong, that when you do something to try to release the thought, it’s almost like it’s become more comfortable for it to be there, than for it to not be there.”

– Abraham


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  1. I’ve never thought about negative thoughts becoming an addiction. I am due to start a life coaching course and I look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I am glad that this post helped in introducing this aspect of negative thoughts…they don’t have to be an addiction but a lot of times, they are. I feel that when one finds that the negative thoughts have become an addiction for oneself, it’s important to be kind and gentle toward oneself. We are all human and it’s okay. The moment one is aware that one is addicted to them and desires to feel better, one can. It’s a choice and just like we chose to get addicted (even if it was an unconscious choice), we can choose (this time, a deliberate and conscious choice) to overcome the addiction. Going general or in other words, zooming out helps in feeling better.

    I am so glad that you want to become a life coach. I believe that we are all uplifters and life coaching is a beautiful way to uplift. It is such an enriching process in which both, the life coach as well as the client find themselves being elevated. It’s a win-win situation. I affirm happiness for you, always. To your success!

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