Are you ready for coaching?

Not everyone is ready for coaching. You must truly believe that life coaching is a worthwhile investment in your development and you must be willing to spare the time and make the effort required in the coaching process.

You need to ask yourself if:

– You are open to trying out new ways of thinking

– You will be on time for the sessions

– You are willing to prepare every week for the coaching session

– You are aware that you are the only one who can make changes in your life

– You will be able to introspect and be honest with yourself and your coach

– You are willing to modify behaviors which limit your success

– You will share any discomfort with the coach about the process

– You understand the value of personal and/ or professional development

– You believe that you can learn and grow from life coaching

– You have the funds available with you to go in for coaching

As a coach, even I need to ensure that my ego is out of the way, I am open to my client’s point of view and truly believe that in the client’s success lies my success.

Am I the right person to coach you?

Crucial to the entire process of coaching is the “right fit” between the coach and the client.

If you would want a coach who is committed to your success all the way, who listens to you, who reminds you when needed of the goals/dreams you have for yourself, who encourages you along the journey, then I am the coach for you. My background in psychology makes it easier for me to appreciate structure and psychological research and at the same time, I also understand the value of depth and “being in the flow”. My life coaching approach draws on my background of psychology (education as well as work experience in human resources, learning and development and life coaching) and blends it with spirituality. I believe that for change to be tempting and sustainable, it has to make sense to one’s mind as well as touch one’s heart. Blending psychology with spirituality helps in this. It brings tremendous clarity, assurance and knowing, which further facilitate the intended change. You may want to see what you feel about this. In case you feel a resonance with this approach, then I am the coach for you.

You may also want to see whether you are comfortable with the information that you learn about me and my approach to life coaching (on my website, Facebook,, Linked In and Orgdyne pages) as well as with the information and rapport during the free trial session.

From my side, even I am extremely careful about who I take on as a client. A coach may be highly effective and may be a good match for one person but the same coach may not be an effective match for someone else. Crucial to any relationship including a coaching relationship, is trust and in order to develop trust, one needs to feel comfortable enough with your coach. It’s easier to have a sense of comfort when the coach and the client are a good match. If I sense that we would not be able to have significant collaborative partnership, I know a lot of other coaches and could provide you with a referral.

If after reading the information I have provided, you would like to take this forward, email me at to set up a free trial session. Do also share your thoughts or concerns on why you would like to undertake coaching, in other words, your current priorities or challenges.