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“When you put others first, it backfires 100% of the time.”

– Abraham


Rather than others, when you decide to connect with “self” and ultimately connect with “source”, you are of so much more value to yourself and to anyone else you would want to be of value to. It all starts first with “you”.

So how does this play out in everyday life? For example, if you have a boss/ spouse/child etc who is demanding something from you which you do not feel like giving. You can say to yourself in your mind or even to them if you feel like it – “dear boss/spouse/child (whoever it is in the situation), I would really like to do what you are asking me to do but before that I just want to take care of one thing i.e. that I feel good about doing it and right now, I can’t.”….Now your work is to first ascertain whether it is something that you would like to change your feelings about or not. Sometimes, you may not feel like changing your vibrations/feelings about it which is a decision only you can take as only you know what you are feeling. If you don’t feel like changing your vibrations about it and therefore, do not do anything, the suggestion would be not to offer the action being asked of you.

Sometimes, the action being demanded out of you may be something which “you feel” you “have to do” (maybe in order to keep the job or the relationship/situation going, as of now). It may not be something which you want to do but something that you feel that you have to do which is choosing the “path of least resistance”. Before doing whatever action/ words etc the other is asking of you, you may like to soothe yourself about it so that you feel a little relief about offering that particular action. You may ask why should you soothe yourself? The reason being that firstly, it will make you feel better (may not be a great feeling immediately about it but a better feeling) and secondly, as you feel better, you allow the law of attraction to line you up with something which makes you feel even more better.

In either of the two scenarios, you have kept yourself first. From that place of alignment, you are of so much more value to yourself and then to anyone else you want to be of value to.


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