people - Sean Stratton

“It is not your responsibility to raise the vibration of another. It will backfire on you 100% of the time. They will become needy blood-sucking vultures.”

– Abraham


If you want to uplift others, the only way you have of doing it in a way which will be easy for you is by being at a higher vibration yourself. When you are happy yourself, that is the only way you are of value to yourself and to anyone else you would want to be of value to. So you see someone feeling bad and you feel that by empathizing with them (by feeling their pain), you will make them feel better. As you do so, you find that you bring your vibrations down to theirs. Now you have two people feeling bad and there is nothing of value to anyone in this.

If you want to help others, it’s important that your focus is on the solution and not the problem. The frequency of the solution is very different from the frequency of the problem. Yes, that focus requires practice. If you really want to be of value to anyone (including yourself), then that practice is worth it.

And, in all this it’s helpful to remember that uplifting others is not your responsibility. The word “responsibility” feels like a burden. If you use “joy” and “fun” as your reason for doing something rather than “responsibility”, it will always feel better and be of value to you and to anyone else you would want it to be of value to.

If you really want to do something (or have to do something) and you can’t feel joy, then the suggestion is to start “focusing” on what you want to (or feel that you need to) do in a way that makes you feel a little better about it. Everyday, as you do so, you will find that the way you feel about that particular topic does not any longer give you as much pain as it did earlier. Even within just seven days of focusing on that topic in a way which makes you feel relief, you would have brought about a substantial difference in your vibrations on that topic. You would have changed the way you feel about it by focusing on anything (even if its just one thing that you find) which you can appreciate about it. If you can’t find anything to appreciate in it, then the suggestion is don’t do it. Not till the time you have changed the way you feel about it.

Yes, action is important but more important is action from which vibrational place. When you feel despair, you feel like doing a particular kind of action. When you feel anger, there is another kind of action which you feel like doing. When you feel hope there is yet another kind of action which is inspired from within you and when you feel love, there is another kind of action which you feel like doing. So, the vibrational place needs to be aligned first and then the action inspired from that new vibrational place can be taken up.

The law of attraction states “like attracts like” which means that what you are feeling attracts more to feel the same. So, it’s important that if you want positive experiences as far as a particular topic in your life is concerned, you feel positive about it as of now.


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