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“You just can’t look at things that make you unhappy and be happy.

You have to look in the direction of what you want. And the more you do it, the easier it is. And the easier it is, the more you do it. Until before you know it, you’re offering a vibration where only well-being flows to you.”

– Abraham Hicks


Developing our skill to direct our thoughts to what we want, to what makes it easy for us to feel better, to what we find easy to appreciate, to our desires has immense value.  As we practice this skill and allow more feel-good moments predominantly and consistently, two things happen. Firstly, we feel better more often (which is what we want to feel) and secondly, we allow the law of attraction to match us up with all our desires easily and in their full potential. This is a very empowered place to be living life from.


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