“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

– Ajahn Brahm

With 20+ years of study and work in the area of the human psyche, my personal meditation practice for 20 years as well as leading participants in corporate training workshops and clients in life coaching sessions through meditation over the years, I have time and again seen the benefits that meditation has. In addition to allowing ease, clarity and insight, meditation is extremely self-empowering as it honors the unique and beautiful journey that each one of us has.

As a certified meditation teacher, I offer meditation programs to groups and individuals who want to nurture and enhance their well-being. All the programs are offered virtually now and are live and interactive which makes it easy for individuals to attend and for groups, it helps in supporting the interconnectedness between team members by allowing them to meditate together even when they are working remotely and apart.

I offer the following guided meditation programs:

1. Meditation sessions for groups as well as for individuals

These sessions are a great way to get introduced to meditation if one has never meditated before and they also have tremendous value for experienced meditators looking to deepen their practice. The reason for this is that meditation as a process honors the unique and beautiful journey each person has and the connection to the clarity within is allowed as per each person’s individual readiness. Each session includes a relaxation exercise, meditation, visualization and time for discussion/sharing/question and answers. The time for discussion, questions and answers and sharing also help in the takeaways being as per each person’s unique path of least resistance to allow the insights within.

The sessions are 45 minutes in duration and can even be customized for 30 or 60 minutes if desired. Though they can be offered as a stand-alone session but their effectiveness grows manifold when they are on an ongoing weekly basis which enable the results to cumulate as the practice grows. These sessions can even be offered on a daily basis which is beneficial in supporting those who may struggle as they introduce regular meditation practice in their lives.

These are offered both for individuals in private sessions through Zoom/Skype or a phone call as well as for groups through Zoom.

2. Enhance your meditation practice – a five-week program for groups

This program consists of five classes of 60 minutes duration. These classes are offered on a weekly basis. All sessions include a relaxation exercise, meditation, visualization and discussion. The discussions in this program will allow for more clarity to come through as they are more in-depth. The participants will gain more details about meditation, cultivating awareness, exploring thoughts, power of acceptance-based focus, letting go and allowing ease and calm, being in the present moment, using the breath as an object of focus, nurturing loving kindness, gratitude and appreciation, challenges to meditation, pivoting and carrying meditation into everyday life.

In group sessions, the discussions as well as check-ins during this program with sharing from the participants makes it even more enriching for everybody. The participants also have the added benefit of coming together as a community every week during the program. New participants are always welcome to join in.These meditation sessions have value both for beginner meditators as well as for experienced meditators.

This program can also be made shorter than five weeks if the client so desires.

3. One-hour meditation sessions for groups during seminars, retreats, conferences & conventions

These sessions can be a great way to introduce calm and focus during the day for the participants. They can also be offered for 30- or 45-minutes duration.

One of our very popular one-hour offerings for groups is the “Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation” workshop. 

Our offerings can easily be led in 

– Corporate training programs

– Seminars, conferences and off-sites.

– Corporate Culture events

– World Mental Health Awareness month

– Employee Wellness day

– Events on an organization-wide basis

All our offerings can be offered online through Zoom.

All the meditation programs and sessions I offer are secular (non-religious) and focus on the practice of meditation and do not include rituals, customs and ceremony. The participants usually sit in chairs as in a regular office setting like meeting rooms/conference rooms/board rooms or from the comfort of one’s home. If the participants want, they also have the option of sitting on a cushion instead of a chair.

To schedule a free consultation call, please write in at sonal@lifecoachingwithsonal.com

“Let the waters settle and you will see the stars and moon mirrored in your being” – Rumi

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