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You are awesome just the way you are

lady eyes closed ease - Ly Gia Phu

“I couldn’t figure out for the longest time that what was hurting me was people looking at my life and viewing it as something other than complete. To them, I was less than – less than perfect, less than their idea of what I could be, less than I used to be, less than I should be. It took a long time for me to sort through all of the noise and clutter of it all to realize I am whole.”

– Sara Frankl


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This is true freedom


Being yourself mean not worrying about what other people thing of you. It means doing things because you want to do them, or feel like doing them because they bring you joy, instead of doing things because you want people to like you and accept you, or because you want to “fit in”.

– Anita Moorjani


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