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Addicted to negative thoughts

woman thinking - Kyle Broad

“Are you addicted to negative thoughts?

Your belief in suffering…

It is sort of like an addiction….

You know what an addiction is:

An addiction is introducing something into your systems that your body acclimates to. And it acclimates to it so well that then, when you don’t give it to your body, your body craves it. And there are thought addictions, too, that are the same things. It’s just that the habit of thought is so strong, that when you do something to try to release the thought, it’s almost like it’s become more comfortable for it to be there, than for it to not be there.”

– Abraham


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Value of introducing distance when changing into what you want

rail tracks

“As you detox from drama addiction yourself, you may need to pull away (temporarily or permanently) from people who feed into the addiction. This is similar to a newly recovering alcoholic distancing him or herself from previous drinking buddies.”

– Doreen Virtue


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