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Feel good, no matter what


“Love yourself enough, that you are willing to stop torturing yourself with negative emotion.”

– Abraham


When you love yourself, it’s easier to find the will to distract yourself from negative thoughts to thoughts which make you feel relief, which make you feel better, which make you feel good. You make the effort (initially, it can be an effort) of changing your feelings from negative to positive because you love feeling good. Anything that you want – better health, bigger car, more money, a more nurturing relationship, starting a venture, career growth etc. is because you believe that you will feel better in the having of it. It is that positive emotion that you are targeting.

You love positive emotions because that is who you are. You are pure positive energy. When you are feeling good, predominantly and consistently i.e. when you are aligned with who you truly are, predominantly and consistently, it gets even more easier to continue replacing negative thoughts as and when they occur with positive thoughts on this beautiful journey called life.

From this place of feeling good, you are at a place of strength and not a place of lack and therefore, you are of so much more value to yourself and to anyone else you would want to be of value to. You are leveraging the energy that creates worlds when you are feeling good. You “easily” flow this energy which flows to you and through you toward all that you care about.

You may be able to think of solutions from a place where you are not feeling good but those solutions will be at best, mediocre ones. The solutions which come to you from a place of strength, from a place where you are feeling good are master solutions rather than mediocre ones.

Athletes, authors, composers, artists etc. are among some of the people in the world who have long realized that until and unless they are in the flow, nothing flows. That being “in the flow” or being “in the zone” comes from a place where you are thinking good feeling thoughts.

If not for anything else, one may choose to feel good simply because it feels so good to feel good 🙂


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Being in the flow


“You Don’t Have to Pay a Price.

So the best thing to do whenever you feel disappointed is to just stop pushing through. Now most of the world around you would not say that.

Most of the world around you would say,

“Oh, don’t be lazy, you have to push through. Nothing good ever comes if you don’t push through.”

And we say, nothing good ever comes until you stop pushing through.

It’s just that sometimes you’ve pushed through so hard that then when you stop pushing through, you think the results came because you’ve pushed so hard.

Well that’s not why the results came – they were coming. You don’t have to pay a price for this – the price you pay slows everything down.”

– Abraham


We have been told by many over the years – “no pain, no gain”…. “you have to pay a price for what you want in life”… “sacrifices have to be made to get what you want” etc.

There is another way – which is easier and you get so much more of what you want as compared to what you can achieve through the former. A lot of people call this as being in the flow or being in the zone.

In the former, the journey will be hard and what you get will be a miniscule portion of what you could have got had the journey been easier. Why would you want to do that when you can swim downstream and also get much more of what you want?

You do not have to pay a price. You can have it all and you can have it in a way which is easy on you. All you have to do is remain committed to feeling good predominantly and consistently – not always but predominantly and consistently…from this place of feeling good, the ideas and the impulses that come to you are so much more whole as compared to the impulses you feel when you are feeling tensed or over whelmed or any other negative emotion. …..the action which you feel inspired to offering is so much more fun when it’s from a place of feeling good…. Not only does feeling good (even though what you want has not manifested yet) feel good but it also allows the law of attraction to match you up with more experiences which make you feel even more good…’s like when people say “I am on a winning streak” …..isn’t it awesome that the most easy way is also the most effective way?


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