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Cherish yourself


The most important thing you can do in life is to just be yourself.

As you practice self-love, this will begin to get easier over time. You are unique and you are love. Don’t worry about what other people expect of you. In each moment listen to how you feel and live in that truth. You are a precious being and should express yourself each day. You’ll notice that each time you just follow your heart, you create happiness and ease. When you spend time trying to fit in the mold of someone else’s version of you, it creates stress and sadness.

Individuality is important to our society and our world. When we embrace our unique traits we are comfortable with ourselves and are much more peaceful. Being our authentic selves opens up many opportunities in our lives as well. Limiting beliefs about what we are capable of can hold us back from creating something magnificent or learning new things.

We are also not influenced by other people’s fears when we are our true selves. When someone tells you, you can’t do something, please don’t let that hold you back. You are safe within yourself and can achieve anything you set your mind too. Living in your authenticity allows you to have faith in the risks you take. You never know until you try. The more we stand in our truth we lead the way for others to do the same. Confidence is contagious, dear ones. When you express self-love and take pride in yourself, other people see that. We can spread this joy together.

The more you get to know yourself, the more you know what makes you happy. And the more you do what you love, the more your life turns out just the way you want it too. There is so much more to life than trying to be someone else’s idea of who you are. Life is all about having fun, but first we must let go of self-judgement and false beliefs of what we should be.

Being your true self does wonders for your own well-being and allows you to live a life with no regrets. You will feel much better about yourself each and every day, dear ones. The more you allow yourself to stand in your truth the more power and force there is available to you. You are perfect just as you are. Be yourself and let your light shine. I know you have something wonderful to offer this world.

Let’s affirm: “I am the light in the world. I follow my inner star, and sparkle and shine in my own unique way. I have a beautiful soul, outer body, and personality.”

– Louise Hay


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Each one of us is a beautiful creation of life

self assured woman smiling

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

― Thích Nhất Hạnh


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