“Your choices of action may be limited but your choices of thought are not”. – Abraham Hicks


These words have the potential, depending on one’s readiness, to point to what can provide a little relief in the experience that we all are together in…..to turn us in the direction of hope and positivity. This time has shown us that when the external is not what we want, we still have a choice and that is of how we react to it, of the thoughts we choose and that there is value in practicing this focus within ourselves if we want to feel ease. Yes, it is a practice. The suggestion is to be kind and gentle with yourself when you find yourself feeling far away from the ease, the relief, the hope, the positive place you want to feel. You are human and it’s okay. Whenever you want to and feel ready to, you can again start practicing your focus. You always have the choice.

I acknowledge and am sensitive to the concerns of all those who have shared their thoughts with me over the past few days. This time has shown us so powerfully how precious the gift of life is. It’s also shown us just how interconnected the world is. Sending healing thoughts to those infected, deep appreciation for the medical fraternity and all those working tirelessly to find a solution and helping others, thoughts of ease and strength to everyone esp. the homeless, small businesses and those who live paycheck to paycheck, thankful for those who are being kind and compassionate towards themselves as well as others at this time and affirming ease and well-being for everyone on our planet.

I think at this time more than ever before, we would like to be of value to ourselves as well as to others we love. To be of value, it’s useful to soothe ourselves so that we allow ease within ourselves. From this place of ease (closer to what athletes call being “in the zone” or artists, authors, composers etc call being “in the flow”) and therefore strength, we can be of so much more value.

In addition to adding to our well-being at the level of the body by following the directions and requirements of the government, we can also choose to facilitate our well-being at the level of our mind, our being by reconnecting to our essence, our core, the pure positive energy that we are.

If one believes in them, intentions, prayers, affirmations, meditation can be of great value at this time. They can be a powerful way to feel moments of ease and hence allow more well-being within as well as through our positive energy, to the world.

I know of many who are keeping themselves engaged and positive at home in activities like painting, doing projects in the house, knitting, singing, self-care, some are doing online courses, some who can work from home are continuing to do so, exercising at home etc

Nothing prevails like the human spirit. I believe that we will come out of this stronger than ever before as a community, as humanity. The human spirit is filled with resilience, prayer, renewed hope, compassion, positivity in its love for life.

Sending thoughts of love and compassion and affirming well-being for everyone.