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Moving on


“Close some doors today. not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere”

― Paulo Coelho


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Trying to control others is futile

rain torrential - Lola Guti

Do you have uncooperative children/employees? Great!

“It´s easy to feel responsibility, if you have forgotten that everyone has an inner being, and that everyone has guidance.

In other words, you know what the ultimate sense of responsibility is? “I have to guide you”. Which means: I have to make you hear me. Which means: I have to control you. That´s IMPOSSIBLE! And still, you all dabble in it, until you give up.

The only thing that saves you, is your un-cooperate children, or employees.”

– Abraham Hicks


There is relief in giving up but giving up isn’t easy for most. It’s only when we are absolutely exhausted and tired, that some of us decide to give up. When we give up, all that we want comes easily to us. Isn’t it amazing that when we reach a point wherein whether we get what we want or don’t no longer matters to us, what we want comes to us “easily”?


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