different colors - By Andrew Pons

“We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life!”

– Gregg Braden


I feel that it’s nice to know about ideas outside of oneself for entertainment or for clarity or for inspiration to launch desires from within but why live their ideas when you have your own guidance within you every moment of the day?

People say that it’s been written in a book many years ago so the idea must be true. You have no way of ascertaining it’s truth. The only truth you have is the guidance within you at all times – lovingly calling you to where it is. Never judging you or mocking you. Always adoringly and lovingly calling you and when you use any excuse to feel better, you go where it is. That is what athletes, musicians, artists, inventors etc call as “being in the flow” or “being in the zone”. They know that if they are not in the flow, nothing flows from within them. And when they are in the flow, they say or write or compose or do things which others look at and say “she is gifted” but that “being in the flow” is accessible to everybody provided we are feeling good. And when we are feeling good, it’s easier reconnect with who we are and therefore, it’s easier for us to “know” our unique path. That’s when answers and solutions to what we have been asking for flow to us. Isn’t it awesome that the most easy thing is the most effective? Just by feeling better most of the time, we reconnect to the guidance within us and that makes us live the life we want, that makes us get the answers we want, that makes us live our desires. It all starts from using any excuse to feel a little better every day.


Photo credit – Andrew Pons via unsplash.com