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How to reconnect to your power?

“The trick is to talk yourself back into your power”

– Abraham-Hicks

And this is the practice for all of us on a daily basis. Feeling good is not like a college degree that once we have it, it’s ours forever. It is a moment to moment choice on a daily basis. A suggestion that can make this practice a little easier esp. in the beginning is to be kind and gentle with yourself when you become aware that you have chosen to feel negative emotion. It is okay. You are human. You never miss the bus. Whenever you become aware and want to (and more important, feel ready to), you can always soothe yourself and become your own best friend.

Whatever we want (whether it is a better relationship or more money or a better house or a promotion at work or starting a venture…) is because we believe that we will feel better in the having of it. It’s that emotion that we are targeting. Why? Why do we love feeling positive emotions so much? Because that is our essence. We are pure positive energy and whenever we separate ourselves from it, in those moments the struggle we feel inside/ the resistance/ the pain/ the negative emotion is only an indicator that we have chosen to focus on thoughts that are making us feel separate/away, as of those moments, from who we are. That pain is an indicator of the distance between the “you” in your awesome physical body and the “you” in your awesome essence/ core which is pure positive energy. We will always feel the call of who we truly are, our essence in the moments we have chosen to separate ourselves from it – calling us lovingly and adoringly. Yes, there are times when anger feels better than feeling helpless but if one gets stuck in anger, one starts to yearn to feel relief as one starts to feel the separation/distance within. The good news is that whenever we want and feel ready to, we can always through our path of least resistance pivot and feel better from wherever we are.

Here I do want to add that we are all human and it’s of value to understand and respect whatever choices we make in life from wherever we are even if our path of least resistance was feeling negative emotion at any point in our unique and beautiful journeys….from where one is today, some of the choices made in the past may not be the ones one feels like making now but at that time in the past, from where one was vibrationally, they seemed to be ones one felt like making and it’s of value to respect that, it’s of value to be kind to oneself….your choice at that point of time had value then in your unique and beautiful journey, maybe not now keeping in mind your new vibrational place…now you may feel inspired to another choice based on where you vibrationally. The journey is eternal and there is no right or wrong in it. As Abraham-Hicks say – “It is exhilarating to us to announce to you that you can’t get it wrong, that you’ve never been getting it wrong, that no matter what you do, you will not ever get it wrong, and you will never get it done. And the reason it can’t ever be wrong is because it is never done”.

Athletes, composers, authors, artists, inventors etc. have long realized the important of being in the flow. They know that if they are not in the flow, nothing flows (athletes call this being in the zone). Is it a practice? Yes, it is. Even for people who feel ecstasy on a rather regular basis, there are moments where they may not be “in the zone”. These moments for them may be less than earlier in their journey but they are there and that’s okay. We are all human. Such moments have value as they give us clarity about what we want (whenever you are aware of what you “do not want”, you also become aware of what you “do want” to the same degree/intensity). These moments are clarifying moments for us. Positive emotions and negative emotions are both part of our inner guidance, the manual within that we were all born with. Practicing one’s focus from what one does not want to what one wants (pivoting) is the inner work for each one of us and we all have our own beautiful, individual and unique journeys. Following one’s unique path of least resistance is of value in this.

What can make the above practice easier is feeling better through ways which are easy for one to feel good through in the initial stages of starting this practice in life. Once one has developed enough vibrational muscle, one can pivot on a specific situation which one feels is important to oneself. How much time will it take to reach this good feeling place of strength (predominantly and consistently) where one feels ready to pivot on specific situations? It will depend on two things – what is happening within you vibrationally and how committed you are to feeling good on a daily basis? Even if you can feel good 55% of the time every day, you would have managed to bring about a substantial change to your vibrations in favor of positive emotions, you would have tipped the balance towards positive emotions.

Once you are predominantly and consistently feeling good, many times you will find that because of the change in your vibrations, predominantly and consistently, the situation that you thought was painful has also changed to a situation which now makes you feel better as you have allowed the law of attraction to match you up with the solution you wanted. The law of attraction states – “ like attracts like” i.e. what you are feeling attracts more to feel the same. Therefore, when you are (in a way which is easy for you) feeling positive emotions, predominantly and consistently, the law of attraction can now match you up with something that makes you will make you feel even more positive. Just in case, the situation is still the same as sometimes it could (because of a variety of reasons), chances are high that you will feel ready to pivot on any specific situation that you want to. As life goes along and you practice pivoting on topics, you continue to show yourself your power to think thoughts that you want to think (even if the situation has still not changed) and therefore, allow the solutions you want. This practice will find you becoming better and better at this developing the skill that Abraham-Hicks talk about in their quote below –

“The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want – to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you want – and then giving your undivided attention to that. There is a tremendous skill in deliberately directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that cannot be compared with results that mere action can provide.”

As you practice this skill everyday throughout the day, one of the beautiful things which you start allowing is that more and more of the action you feel inspired to offer now starts coming from a place of strength (rather than a place of lack), predominantly and consistently. When you feel despair, the action you feel like offering is very different as compared to when you are feeling anger. When you feel anger, the action you feel like offering is very different as compared to when you are feeling hope. When you are feeling love and appreciation, the action you feel inspired to offer is again different from the above three vibrational places. Yes, action is important but more important is the vibrational place from where one feels inspired to a particular action. Vacuuming the floor is important but to plug the vacuum before you start vacuuming is even more important. As you practice this skill predominantly and consistently, you allow more and more feel-good moments predominantly and consistently and you start living more and more as the creator of your life experiences that you intended to be when you decided to come in this beautiful time-space-reality.


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You can always choose to nurture your desires by believing in them

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“If you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.”

– Honore de Balzac


Simple and profound words.

Desire from a place of belief makes one feel good and desire from a place of doubt makes one feel more negative emotion. This can apply to each stage of your desire turning into the physical reality that will please you further (and that is why you want your desire) but more so at the nascent stage when it has just birthed within you.

Depending on what you are predominantly and consistently feeling (either on one or more topics in life which are important to you), you allow the law of attraction to match you up with things/ experiences/ people of similar vibration (or in the vicinity of those vibrations). If your desire is important to you, it will be of value to consider the emotions you feel when you focus on it.

We use our knowledge of the law of gravity to make our lives easier. We can do the same with the law of attraction too, if we want. We always have a choice.


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