men in the opening of a mine

“When fear is raging in your head and heart, it is incredibly damaging. You can’t think straight. You can’t make sound decisions. You can’t be your very best. Fear prevents you from being more and having more.”

– Suze Orman

When in fear, the suggestion is to be your own best friend and soothe yourself. The moment you become aware that you are in fear, you can tell yourself things like – “take a deep breath. Relax. It’s okay. This too shall pass. It will be okay. Help is on its way. I am sure things will get better….”

Once feeling better, you may like to carry out the action inspired from within you from that place of feeling better. When in fear, the suggestion is not to do anything but just soothe yourself to a better feeling place when you can.

The suggestion also is to deliberately create more feel good moments through the day every day so that fewer experiences which make you feel fear come your way. The best way to take care of fear is before it comes. What do I mean? I mean “pre paving” or “pre programming” your life. When you deliberately create more feel good moments on a daily basis, you allow the law of attraction to match you up with more feel good moments and thereby, you reduce moments in which you feel any negative emotion in your life. That is when the coincidences and the serendipities in life start being the way you would like them to be – i.e. giving you more to feel what you want to feel (and less of what you do not want to feel). You are the creator on your life and you can manifest what you want.


photo credit – Martin Wessely vis