woman frowning - Llywelyn Nys

The human body has its own “red light” signals and “danger signs”, which doctors refer to as symptoms or syndromes. Patients are prone to regard symptoms as malevolent; a fever, a pain, etc., is “bad”. Actually, these negative signals function for the patient, and for his benefit, if he recognizes them for what they are, and takes corrective action. They are the pressure gauges and red lights which help maintain the body in health. The pain of appendicitis may seem “bad” to the patient, but actually it operates for the patient’s survival. If he felt so pain, he would take no action towards having the appendix removed.

– Maxwell Maltz, M.D


Treasure and celebrate your sensitivity. It’s only because you feel pain, that you can make a choice to reduce it and thereby, save yourself from greater damage. When you touch a hot stove, your pain tells you to remove your hand. If there was no pain, you can imagine what you would end up with. In the same way, when you focus on a situation which makes you feel pain, that pain is an indicator that the way you are feeling is leading you to an experience which will make you feel the same i.e. even more negative. This is not because anyone is punishing you for feeling the pain but because this is the way the law of attraction operates. The law of attraction states “like attracts like” so what you are thinking and thereby, feeling attracts more to feel the same. Like we understand another universal law, the law of gravity and use our understanding of it to make our lives easier, we can do the same with the law of attraction.

In the initial stages when the pain starts, it’s easier to feel better by focusing in a different way which makes you feel better. You can change your thoughts and when you do so, you allow the law of attraction to match you up with experiences which make you feel even more better.


Photo credit – Llewelyn Nys via unsplash.com