office meeting - Robin Yang

You are extensions of Source Energy. And when you allow that pure Source Energy to flow through you, you are so bright and beautiful; your timing is good; and you feel vital and alive in your body. And as others see you, they wonder what your magic is. But it only seems like magic because it is experienced by so few. It isn’t magic. It is available to everyone. But you must allow your alignment.

– Abraham


Thankfully, there are ways to allow your alignment. When you are having a good time, when you are relaxing, when you are appreciating, when you are feeling good – you are allowing your alignment. As you do so predominantly and consistently on an everyday basis, you allow your alignment predominantly and consistently and isn’t that what you would want? Anything you want is because you believe that you will feel better in the having of it. You can feel better right now (even though you do not have it) through the power of your focus and then what you want has to come in your physical reality. It is law. It is the law of attraction.

You can have what you want through only action without working on your vibration but then the journey is arduous and what you get is just a minuscule portion of what you could have got had you aligned your energy first and then followed it up with the action inspired from that place of strength. Olympic athletes among other creators have long realized that until and unless they are in the flow, nothing flows. One of the processes they use to be in the zone is visualization – feeling their desire in their mind even though it has not manifested yet. If they can do it, you can too. The same energy is available to all of us ready to be accessed, if we would allow ourselves to access it.


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