I am honored to receive positive feedback. You can find the recommendations I have received on LinkedIn here.

Some of the other testimonials are as below.

Feedback on Meditation Sessions

“So glad to hear the meditation session was helpful and appreciated by the group. Thank you so much, Sonal!”

– Rebecca Mooney, Executive Director, Melrose Alliance Against Violence, Massachusetts

“I cannot thank you enough for your time. Our district is feeling inspired by your recent sessions. Several teachers reached out to share that they enjoyed the meditation session. I look forward to creating more mindful spaces with you in the future.”

– Jessica Patti, CAGS Educational Leadership, Social Emotional Learning Instructional Specialist, Melrose Public Schools, Massachusetts.

“I have been extremely lucky to learn from Sonal for the past 1.5 years. She teaches meditation with love, compassion and wisdom. It amazes me the amount of knowledge she shares in a way for her students to understand and she is an exceptional story teller. Sonal is the most thoughtful person, and I admire her ability to connect with each of her students in a loving way. Sonal passionately personalizes her material based on students’ questions. My meditation practice has greatly deepened because of Sonal and I am so grateful for her warmth and contagious positive energy. I fully recommend Sonal to students of any meditation level.”

– Danielle Goldberg, Social Worker at Meals on Wheels, San Francisco

Some other comments:

“Loved Sonal’s meditation class! So relaxing (much needed this week)”

“The members that attended shared how relaxing, helpful and happy they were to have this experience”

“I cannot express how valuable the meditation session was to our group. You are very much appreciated”

“I feel very relaxed. I feel as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“Your meditation class is a wonderful way for me to end the week with. Your classes have beautiful insights. Thank you so much”

“You have shared so many things in this session – probably around ten of them are what I am also going through in my life and they resonated so powerfully with me. One of the stories that you shared in the earlier sessions also resonated deeply with me. I just want you to know that all this has been so very helpful for me.”

“I am looking forward to the next meditation class”

“The meditation was very helpful”

“Your meditation session was very insightful. Thank you so much. I wish I had taken notes.”

“A very meaningful class”

“I feel relaxed and focussed”

“What you speak with us in the meditation sessions is so full of insights. I often think about what you share with us after the class and also in the days following the class. Thank you so much.“

“I was feeling a little hassled before the meditation class with regard to an email I had read but the meditation helped me calm down and I feel I can now focus better”

“The meditation was very effective”

“Your session was amazing. I look forward to doing more sessions with you.”

“You shared in one of the earlier sessions about the Johari Window and I have been thinking about it, about living an authentic life more and more and I am really liking it. So thank you.”

“I’m glad to start my day with your meditation session”

“During the body relaxation, I was surprised to see the amount of tension I had in my body. I really liked the body relaxation as it helped me release the tension.”

“I always listen to the recordings of Sonal’s meditation sessions and enjoy them so much!”

“Your session is a favorite of mine”

“I could feel tingling sensations in my body during the  body relaxation exercise. It was a great meditation session. In the discussion section, I came to know so many things which were so new for me. Thank you.”

“I enjoy your classes and insight.”

“Your classes are quite enjoyable and particularly the insight you give.”

“Thank you for the session, Sonal. It’s great and inspiring.”

“You explain things so nicely.”

“What you spoke about in your session was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.”

“Beautiful explanation of the space between thoughts.”

“I love what you share after class and I have time to listen to you for as long as you have to share with us”

“Thank you so much. I feel so refreshed.”

“Such a great class as always”

“So much gratitude for your class”

“Sonal, you need to do a Sunday focused class so we can have more time to listen to your wisdom”

“Thank you so much for such a relaxing class”

“Great session. Thank you.”

“What you share makes so much sense”


“Beautiful quote”

“Thank you Sonal! I love these classes.”

“Great! Thank you.”

“Such an amazing class. Thank you!”

“Great Session.”

“Thank you. You have a very soothing voice”

Feedback on Life Coaching

“Sonal Kalra has provided me the opportunity to find my way and grow as an individual righting my own path and creating my own well being. It has been her guidance that has brought so much light in my everyday process and allowed me to grow and bring growth to my family and friends around me. My continued journey has strength in it’s foundation and it has been the interactions with Sonal that created that base.

Thank you Sonal for all that you have done for and with me.  I have such gratitude in having the opportunity to work with you. I wish you all the pleasures and joy of life for both you.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!”

– Kim Broberg, Melrose, MA, United States

“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by you and I appreciate your work with me. I have seen great results in my life as a result of your coaching and you truly helped me realize which direction I really want my life to go. After each meditation exercise with you, I felt so relaxed and after each coaching session, I found myself feeling better, stronger, more confident and inspired. I feel that I have reconnected to myself and to my power. Thank you for all the advice and help you have given me over the past months.”

– Hala K, Melrose, MA, United States

“The sessions with Sonal were very helpful. They helped me put things into perspective. Now I feel a sense of calm over me. Sonal, you are an evolved person and the coaching with you was fabulous”

– Neelam Chaudhry, New Delhi, India

“Sonal is a very good coach. She always came across as a person who listened well and offered solutions. I will always feel comfortable seeking Sonal’s help in dealing with issues of career progression and people development.”

– Tanmoy Chakrabarti, New Zealand

“The coaching sessions with Sonal really allowed me to improve my relationship with self. I am a much happier person and more lovable to myself. I was trapped in “good girl syndrome” which was working against me Sonal helped me to identify what is really important for me. Now I have a sense of direction in my life. I feel a lot more focused. Without ever directing or telling me what to do or think, Sonal has helped me take a step back and recognize my own strengths and take my own logical decisions. I look forward to all the future growth I will realize with her guidance.
Sonal, you are an amazing coach. Thanks for introducing me to a beautiful positive life. A big big big thanks to you.”

-Mandeep Ahuja, Delhi, India

“The difference I feel, after I started coaching with Sonal, is that I can manage my emotions better and really understand my relationships. She listens with patience, asks questions which make one introspect, inspires new ideas, offers useful suggestions and is non judgmental. For the first time in my life, I started doing meditation as part of the coaching process, which Sonal follows. Thanks to the regular meditation, affirmations as well as the insights and tools shared by Sonal, I can control and calm my nerves easily as compared to earlier. My comprehension of firstly, myself and then of people, in general, has improved which has helped me make sense of what was happening in my relationships. The strategies suggested by Sonal have helped me deal effectively with a lot of stress in my life. I have also learnt how to consciously and consistently focus on thinking good feeling thoughts.For me, one of the biggest gains out of the coaching with Sonal has been concentrating on my relationship with “myself” and thereby living my true potential. She has been crucial to the growth, which I have introduced in my life. I would highly recommend Sonal as a Life Coach.”

– M.K., New Delhi, India

“When I started coaching with Sonal, I felt that here is someone who understands me. Sonal was able to see where I was coming from and how my life was. The activities and exercises during the coaching helped me in seeing clearly what I truly wanted, what was holding me back and how I could reach my dreams. Sonal helped me in learning how to delve deep within into my own wisdom. I feel empowered now.

– S.C., Delhi, India

Some other comments:

“I have known Sonal Kalra since 1996 and have benefitted greatly from my conversations with her. Do get in touch with her if you want a great life coach.”

– Kailash Purohit, Illinois, USA

“Sonal, you are an amazing healer”

– Neeraj, New Delhi, India

“Sonal, you are gifted”

– Rashmi Khurana, New Delhi, India

“Thank you for the enriching experience by providing your listening and sharing of experiences. Would love to continue our work together. You are a rockstar.”

– Mandeep Merwah, Gurgaon, India

“I have been going for marriage counseling to a marriage counselor for the past few months but every time I left the counselor’s office, I felt that something was still left to be addressed. It was as if the session wasn’t complete but with you, it has been different. I have never felt as empowered as I do now after this session with you”

– M.R., Chandigarh, India

“What I like best about your coaching process is the fact that you bring to it the Psychology background which you have with the spirituality that you follow in your own life. This makes your coaching useful, healing, authentic, and life changing as it is accompanied not only by the coaching tools, life strategies and insights but also by the understanding of the human psyche and most important, with connecting to the inner core of a person.”

– C.M., Gurgaon, India

“I went on your “Life Coaching with Sonal” website. It looks like you have found your calling, as this seems to be tailor-made for you. You are so good with people and are such a warm-hearted person with a lot of empathy.”

– G.V., Dubai

“Congrats and all the best…. You have it in u… God bless u always and help you to help others….”

– Bipendra Dogra, Delhi, India

“Just wanted to say that my memory of you (from business school so many years ago :)) is that you were always one of the most positive people that I remember and if you are a life coach you are the perfect person for the job.”

– S.V., Mumbai, India

“Sonal Kalra, you were always talented and I feel blessed to have had you as a team member. God bless you, Sonal. I remember and admire your razor sharp memory.”

– A.A., Gurgaon, India

Feedback on Training and Keynotes

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I can’t even begin to tell you how well received your session was. The one team member who wasn’t able to make it was feeling so bad based on all the discussions and raving reviews your session was getting here from the participants.”

-Shivani Singh Kapoor, Founder, Intellitots

“We would like to thank you for your contribution and support to our learning. The interaction has been invaluable and we are enriched by your association”

– Department of Business and Technology, Pearl

“Great Job! I am glad that Sonal handled the Leadership development program for us rather than anyone else. The program has truly exceeded my expectations.”

– Atul Bahadur Mathur, Managing Director, Knowledge Management Centre, Heidrick and Struggles.

“Excellent session. The training was conducted through live examples from day to day life. Fun was used as an element to break the monotony. The trainer was clear about the whole session and helped us in understanding the entire process. Over all, it was brilliant.”

– B.K., Researcher

“The training on Management Fundamentals was a very interactive session. A lot of activities were done on the day-to-day situations which we face everyday and therefore, it was very helpful. It would really help us in managing our teams in a better way”

– S.K.D, Manager

“It was a fantastic experience, great learning and lots of brain storming. I would like to sincerely thank the management and the trainer for putting this great effort in the pursuit of making us evolve as better individuals and employees.”

– N.S., Group Leader

“The program was really helpful as it made us realize the importance of Communication Skills. Moreover, it helped us in identifying the problems which we faced in the past and how those can be solved with effective communication skills.”

– M.B., Researcher

Some other comments:

“My appreciation and recognition of doing a great job and doing it in great spirit too!”
– S.V., Delhi

“Your coming in has made a lot of difference. You are amazing.”
– L.M., Delhi

“You are just too good.”
– B.N., Delhi

“Well done and full marks to you. Your credibility has gone up substantially after the program in the organization”
– N.B., Gurgaon

“Sonal is quite effective”
– A.A., Gurgaon

“You are such a fantastic trainer”

“The session was engaging and helpful”

“I am motivated to change myself after your program. I will now focus on the positives”

“Sonal is extremely sincere, hardworking and dedicated”

“Sonal is diligent”

“You are the best”