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How can I stand in the middle of what I don’t want and attract what I WANT instead???

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“How do I stand in the place of lack and not see it? How do I look through eyes that can’t see clearly, and not acknowledge that I can’t see clearly? How do I sit within a budget that isn’t big enough to pay my rent, and bask in the freedom of financial independence? How do you do it?

By looking for the positive aspects of where you stand. By being willing to talk about what you want and why you want it, and by filling your day so full of that sort of conversation, that that surpasses your attention of lack. By just tipping ever so slightly the balance of your scale, your vibrational scale, your vibrational point of attraction. By saying “It is so important to me to feel good, that I will have this conversation with this friend rather than that friend. Because that friend complains all the time, and this friend is happy. By driving this way to work, even though it takes a little more time, because it is more beautiful, and because I can hear the birds. Rather than taking this route to work because it is faster, but all I can hear is the traffic that is surrounding me.”

In other words when it becomes your dominant intent to feel good, you find yourself finding very obvious ways to do things a little bit differently, that stimulate you to vibrate in a way… In other words it’s a vicious circle of joy! Or it is a chain of pain, you can have it either way, you see. But whatever you’re vibrating is what you’re going to attract. And whatever you attract is usually what you perceive. And whatever you perceive is what you vibrate. And whatever you vibrate is what you attract. And whatever you attract is what you perceive, and what you perceive is what… And so that is the way that it works, you see.

And so somewhere along here, you vibrate and you say, “Ugh, this feels bad! I want to feel good.” And just by making the statement “I want to feel good”, a piece of you has spun off that negative wheel, and it started another little wheel over here. Just a piece of you, “I want to feel good”, just by saying I want to feel good, your Inner Being will begin feeding information to you that will surprise and delight you.”

– Abraham Hicks, 13/6 1992


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