“There is a voice which does not use words. Listen.”

– Rumi


You were born with emotions, your guidance system. When you are feeling good, your inner being (whom many call soul) is also feeling good. When you are feeling negative emotion, you are focused in a way which is separate from that of your soul because your soul will never join you in that negative emotion place. It adores and loves you even when you are feeling negative but it will not join you because it is pure positive energy and chooses to remain that eternally.

You can change the way you are focused on a topic if it does not make you feel good. When you feel relief, the gap between the physical you and your inner being reduces or in other words, when the gap reduces, you feel relief. That positive emotion is the indicator that you are walking towards who you truly are – pure positive energy.

Your inner being or infinite intelligence or source energy or soul or inner self (you can call it whatever you are comfortable with) does not use words. Your feelings are your indicator of where you are vis-a-vis your source. You “feel” your way through all of this.

Musicians, artists, inventors, writers, athletes, composers, authors etc have long realized that until and unless they are in the flow, nothing flows. That flow is something you feel. Your feelings are important.


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