Why do I think that I am in a position to understand others and facilitate them in actualizing their potential?

Directly experiencing various emotions and learning from them about life and the power of the human spirit is extremely valuable especially when facilitating another person’s growth. My background, keen interest in human behavior, passion for expansion and growth, openness to a deeper connection as well as directly feeling & learning from life and its various shades enhances my understanding of a client’s life and makes me more notice even the subtlest of nuances and layers.

As written in “about Life-Coach Sonal” page, for me, the journey has been from going to a place where I was in pain and suffering with all that which had happened in a decade of my life to a place wherein I felt appreciation for all that which had happened as I could see the bigger picture as well as my own vibrational contribution to what had happened (not blame but truly and with love accepting responsibility for my life rather than pointing fingers at others) to further reaching the place where I am as of now, consciously allowing the life I want and having so much fun while on the journey. I am now living as the creator I intended to be, predominantly and consistently as now I know how to allow what one wants effectively and easily as I have seen it so many times (I must share that even though I have seen it many times, I still love it when the physical manifestation manifests as an indicator of my vibrational place).

This metamorphosis has helped me to learn or rather reconnect to the “how-to” of the process of allowing the life experiences that I desire. The knowing and understanding of how to manifest financial prosperity, nurturing relationships, a satisfying career or anything else that one truly wants in life is something that has helped me in creating the life I desire and is an important part of my approach to life coaching. Sharing this with those who are ready adds to the fun that I am having in my life.

One of my clients said – you have facilitated the easy and effective “how-to” of the process of creation (i.e. creation of the life experiences that one wants) as he started seeing the results in his life. I could do this for my earlier clients and continue to facilitate this for my current clients only because I “know” it from personal experience. Of course, I have read it in books, seen videos, heard other people but personal knowing is powerful. You cannot teach effectively what you yourself do not know so when facilitating growth for another person, personal knowing is of tremendous value.

I see myself as a stepping-stone in the journeys of my clients towards freedom, happiness and growth. I believe in self-empowerment.

I believe that our feelings hold the key to our life experiences. If we want to change our life experiences, we just have to change our feelings. The good news is that there are ways of changing how we feel, as per a person’s readiness. We can feel the emotions that we want to feel more often, regardless of where we are. We can create our life.

Just to give you a glimpse of the situations I have faced in life which range from the most happy to the most challenging (or rather the one’s with the invitation to refocus) and have contributed to my appreciation for life, for happiness and for realizing my inner strength.

– I have faced various challenges in life ranging from meeting tight deadlines to facing difficult people to plummeting health.

– I have experienced the stress, the knotted feeling in the stomach when we take on much more than what we want to at a particular point of time.

– I have felt the fear, the hurt and the anger (all at the same time) at an inability to answer back and stand up for myself in difficult relationships just because I wanted to be considered nice and polite and not hurt the other person.

– I know what it is like to feel utterly helpless when you try your level best to fulfill other people’s never ending and tough expectations…because its never about you but about them.

– I have realized that there is a lot of difference when people want you to change for your own benefit as compared to when they want you to transform keeping only their benefit in mind; and its vital to recognize the difference.

– I know just how addictive negative thinking can be; one negative thought leading to another negative thought and then another and before you realize it, you are actually wallowing in self pity, in being a “victim”‘; in proclaiming how unfair and mean the others are to you.

– I know the fear when one feels when emotionally threatened and vulnerable.

– I know what it feels to be emotionally exhausted.

– I know what is it like to see your tensions slowly, over a period of time, start creeping up and affecting your health.

– I know the irritation one feels when nothing, according to you, seems to go right in your life.

– I know that even though it sounds contradictory, a person can be confident, articulate, friendly, positive, achievement oriented and yet could have others, whom she/ he considers “important”, walking all over her/ him just to get their approval.

– I know the initial fear and hesitation one feels when you start respecting and loving who you are

– I know the relief one feels when one starts to get rid of the constant need for approval from others, not in anger or defiance but just a peaceful release of concern for approval from others.

– I know how empowering it can be to realize that one can “learn” to change one’s emotional state from thoughts of guilt, grief, powerlessness, blame, revenge etc to better feeling thoughts like love, appreciation, enthusiasm, happiness etc.

– I know the deep calm which settles in when you start on the journey of really getting to know yourself, both the “seemingly” pleasant as well as the “seemingly” unpleasant aspects.

– I know the sheer joy one feels when you start creating a new life and you start seeing positive results.

– I know the excitement associated with starting something new in life – whether it be a new business or a new healthy lifestyle or a completely new way of looking at life itself.

– I have felt the exhilaration of getting clarity on what I want for myself and then allow my desires to manifest into manifestations which I can see in my physical reality.

– I have felt the exhilaration of seeing my desires manifest into results in my life.

– I know the pleasure one gets when everything in life is going great and then you introduce something more to make it even better.

– I know the eagerness which one feels for life’s unfolding when one starts creating it proactively, deliberately, consciously and consistently the way one wants it to be.

– I know the feeling of confidence, trust and strength when one lives the life that one wants.

Challenging situations stir up all kinds of emotions in us and I have felt the impact of all the havoc they create and have come out with a stronger spirit, a much more strengthened emotional kit, my heart still not touched by cynicism…in short, a much more improved version of myself.

Yes, there have been rough times but they have made me understand myself and other people much better. They have made me much more non-judgmental than I ever was, made me empathize much more easily as I have also experienced despair, anger, hurt, fear and also made me believe in the power of one’s will and belief in oneself. I believe in the human spirit. It’s amazing to see how the challenges (or as I call them invitations to refocus) I have faced have played such valuable role in me living as the creator I intended to be when I decided to come into this time-space-reality.