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You hold the key to what you desire


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Nobody is holding what you want away from you. You are just not letting it in whenever you are feeling negative emotion…and when you are feeling good, you are letting it in…it’s as simple as that…


“The reason that so many have come to believe in the unworthiness of human, in the imperfection, in the needing to be judged and straightened out, and in the redemption of humans is because when you want stuff and it’s not happening, you got to fill in the blanks somehow…and most humans fill in those blanks by saying “I am not being blessed because I must have done something wrong, I am not being rewarded because I must be inappropriate in some way”…nothing could be further from what is really going on.

You are not just letting it in because you are feeling unworthy…. you are not just letting it in because you are feeling too angry…. you are not letting it in because you are not joining the source in your powerful now… see, because you are not ever going to ever get it done..…so when your goal is a house, a lover or a car or a pile of money or all of these things that are wonderful…. we wish all of those things for you…but when your goal is all of those things rather than right now, how you feel right now….when your goal is the grid, when your goal is how you feel, when your goal is your point of attraction, when you goal is your rendezvous point, now you are rendezvousing with source, now you are rendezvousing with ideas, now when you are writing a song, clarity comes, now when you are writing a song, brilliant songwriters play with you, now when you are dancing a dance, your ability to dance is there, all the inspiration.

Can you feel how much more productive that powerful now is? That powerful now and now and now and now and now….not just someday…not just later… now..”

– Abraham


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Moving on


You can’t feel the frequency of a problem and a solution simultaneously


  1. Good stuff, very helpful. I write a post related to the law of attraction.

  2. I am glad you felt a resonance with this post. Thank you for sending the link to the article you have written. I liked your thoughts on the law of attraction. The last part in which you talk about how one can soothe oneself when disappointed will be helpful to many. There are many reasons as to why what one wants does not manifest in one’s physical reality and there are many ways to soothe oneself when this happens. People can choose various ways to soothe themselves when disappointed. The soothing of one’s disappointment is important as that leads to feeling relief. The relief one feels allows the law of attraction to match one up with more to feel relief about. That relief is important.

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